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The Wanlorn ([personal profile] the_wanlorn) wrote2011-05-17 06:21 pm
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In Which Our Heroine Can't Feel Her Hands

Man, I do not even understand why spring in New England even exists. It is May, and it has been so warm lately, and this is what the ground in the apple orchard at my parents' looks like right now:

Lots of green grass with little purple flowers and a few dandelions.

But because it is May it has been raining the past couple days and the temperature is back in the lower fifties. I refuse to give in to the weather's little hissy fit over it being almost summer, so I still have the heat off and all the windows open.

I can see my breath.

But I am going to win and someday it will get warm again, damn it. Hopefully, before my hands freeze off.

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