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The Wanlorn ([personal profile] the_wanlorn) wrote2011-05-19 03:40 pm
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In Which Our Heroine Kinda Needs Help

Hey, the internet. Man, the end of May sure is close, isn't it? I thought it was a whole hell of a lot further away than this.

I don't talk about my work here very often, if at all. There are a myriad of reasons for this, but most of them boil down to how my boss puts the H in "hostile work environment" and the C in "crying in the car before work every morning".

I make just enough to pay my rent, bills, and essentials every month for four months out of the year. The rest of the time, I make enough to pay my rent and bills, so long as I either forgo things like "groceries" or get my parents to give me money for them and the other essentials that, when push comes to shove, are not actually essential. I'm trying my damndest to find another job and pick up freelance work, but given that it took me nearly a year to find this job, and the lack of responses I've gotten for every job application, I am not too hopeful. And apparently I am wicked bad at convincing people that they want me to freelance for them.

The point is that I got a delightful two weeks' unpaid vacation this month, due to the bossman closing the office so he could go on vacation and cutting my hours for the rest of the month. So, when June rolls around, I'm going to be something like $400 short on rent alone. I thought I could make it up through selling my things on ebay and at a street-wide yard sale in Cowtown. Since the yard sale got moved to the middle of June, it doesn't look like that is happening.

So, I have come to you, the internet, to ask for help. I have a spreadsheet of DVDs that I'm selling up here. The NES games are here. And the CDs are here. Other things that aren't easy to put on a nice spreadsheet, plus a few more DVDs, are on ebay. All of these are being updated almost constantly, since I don't have work again until Tuesday, and I have a lot of things to go through and get up there.

If anything catches your fancy, I am more than willing to negotiate (especially on the DVDs, since I just rounded up to the nearest multiple of five). If you're the sort of person who wants knitted things but does not knit or does not have time to knit or just wants something that isn't knit by yourself, I'm sure we could work out some kind of deal. Shit, if you have any other ideas for things you would pay someone to do, I am open to those, too.

Regardless, if you want to buy anything, email me at Link this around if you can. For real, I love you internet. If you don't want to or can't buy anything from me, or don't care, or think this is tacky, that is okay, I still love you.

ON AN UPBEAT NOTE: tomorrow I will be posting pictures of my succulents! HOW EXCITING IS THAT. #allplantbloggingallthetime

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