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The Wanlorn ([personal profile] the_wanlorn) wrote2011-05-27 08:00 pm

In Which Our Heroine Is Feeling Smug

Hello the internets! First of all, I have enough to cover my rent now, so I just want to say thank you again to all the delightful and wonderful and amazing people who helped me out. You guys are so frickin' awesome, and if there's anything I can ever do to spiritually repay you, let me know. ♥

In related to being a smuggo, I was pleased to see this post pop up on my reader the other day. Every time I see someone talking about Claro's study (summary: in VT, farmer's market products tend to be equal or lesser in price to their grocery store counterparts) a little bolt of HA! goes through my mind.

I'm glad to see a study going around that shows, in the limited area (although I've found it to be true in the markets near me), farmers markets aren't any more expensive than the grocery store*. I wish studies like this had been getting any sort of show a few years ago, so I could point them at people who kept asking why I was wasting money at markets when I was so poor.

ALSO: HOLY MOLY: A study that is adding weight to the idea that the epic classism in EAT LOCAL ALL THE TIME isn't in the monetary cost, but the ridiculous and inexcusable lack of access in most places? OH GOD THE WORLD MUST BE ENDING.

Hi. I went to the ocean today and stayed in the water for three hours and forgot to put sunscreen on one shoulder.

* Potentially necessary caveat: this is in regard to non-value-added foods only.

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