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The Wanlorn ([personal profile] the_wanlorn) wrote2011-06-06 09:32 pm

In Which Our Heroine Is Not Evicted

HOORAY FOR ME! I have paid my rent and with the money I earned at the yard sale (people buy the dumbest shit, you guys, and also get all pissy when you won't sell them a never used furby for a dollar wtf?) I have paid all my bills for the month except my internet, which does not even come for another couple weeks. Thank you all so fucking much ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

IN OTHER NEWS. One of my cucumbers has a teeny tiny flower on it. I would post a picture, but it's A) covered by other leaves, and B) still tiny and closed. I'm all excited for it to bloom! My ocean sunburn is peeling for a second time, and my yard sale sunburn is on the verge of its first peel. I spent a couple hours outside with the dog today and lost his tennis ball down the drop off out back, so I have to get some rope and climb down after it on Wednesday.

I think my gf is coming to visit soon, and I'm embarrassingly invested in an embarrassing show and writing embarrassing fic for it. The bossman only yelled at me once in almost a week of work days (so almost two weeks of real time), and, while the landlord's husband did chuck my grill in the dumpster, I noticed it was in there in time and rescued it into the back of my car.

Basically: life is feeling pretty good right now!

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