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The Wanlorn ([personal profile] the_wanlorn) wrote2011-06-14 09:22 am

In Which Our Heroine Doesn't Understand Time

When I was 18 I, for all intents and purposes, moved out of my parents' house. It started with moving to college where, when I "went home," I meant that I was taking the train to a friend's house nearly every weekend. That summer, my parents' house became more of a stopping place while I bounced between friends' couches.

Sophomore year, I made it almost all the way through before I said fuck this shit and moved into an apartment up in Somerville. This was 2007. I made it there almost a year (and, in retrospect, I should have just stayed there) until I convinced a friend to move to Massachusetts and get an apartment with me in early 2008.

We stayed in that first apartment for six months, and then moved when the landlord wanted to jack the rent up by five hundred dollars or so. The next apartment was totally fucking awesome and I loved it, even though I didn't really ever leave my bedroom.

So this morning, I was thinking about how it's June, which means I've lived in this apartment for a year! And how great it was when I moved in, and I was... taking classes at Worcester State... and failing at GSOC during the summer... and oh dear god I've lived here for two whole years.

Two years.

Internet, this is longer than I have lived anywhere since I was eighteen. I've gone from living in four places in three years to... staying put? I assumed I'd be moving every six months or so for the rest of my life, since that's about the time when I start getting itchy feet. Realizing that I've lived here two whole years is weirdly jarring.

And now that I've been here so long, it's weird to think that I most likely won't make it through three years here, since I finally graduate in December.

Time: it's fucking hard.

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