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Internet, it is my last semester at school. One of the classes that I have to take to graduate, after attending college since 2004, is English 102. I must learn how to write research papers. No, really. So, I ask you, citizens of the internet, to please come up with a topic for me. I have to be able to make an argument (ie, my thesis must be something someone can disagree with) and it has to be "relevant," which I think means something which is still an active topic of study? So far those seem to be the only restrictions.

Internet, I really want to get on this, because I can not afford to fail this class because it becomes too much work in my crazy head and I stop going. :D?

Poll #8069 Research Paper Topic
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What topic shall I write a ten page research paper on?

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Canibalize my paper on jazz from '04, two unis ago, and hope I don't get caught
1 (6.7%)

Monoculture and why it is a terrible idea
2 (13.3%)

1 (6.7%)

Why unions are great and the 28-year-old in this class who is anti-union should feel bad for existing
6 (40.0%)

Why the TSA in general is a terrible idea and the US is an asshole for trying to reinvent the wheel
5 (33.3%)

Something to do with computers which I will suggest below
0 (0.0%)

Other which I will suggest below
0 (0.0%)

Suggest suggestions.

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