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Yuletide Letter

Hello, fair writer! How are you today? Herein, you can find more details about my yuletide request, which I am sure you find delightful and not at all annoyingly specific/unspecific!

I like lolz. I like angst that ends with a happy ending that is happy enough to make up for the angst. I saved this section for last which was dumb because I am really tired now and don't want to tell you about things I like. :(

Request #1
Eureka - Allison Blake, Jack Carter(, Nathan Stark)
I would really, really prefer it if this was set sometime before the wedding, and included a lot of Nathan. Like, really prefer it a lot. I really like the dynamic between the three of them when they're together, how Allison is all exasperated at both of them in a loving way, and Nathan can not believe this bullshit but is secretly enjoying it, and Carter is just an adorable idiot compared to them. If you're not down with doing OT3s, I would really prefer gen.

In more detail: Really, I guess the best way to explain how I see their relationship, is that Carter is like a stray puppy that Allison brought home, and Nathan is like "No Ally, no dogs" and Allison is like "But look at his cute face" and Nathan is like "Absolutely not" and Allison wins and keeps the dog even though Nathan most assuredly Does Not Like That Dog. Except when he thinks no one's looking he's all, giving the dog cookies and petting the dog and shit.

I also love that Nathan seems to honestly like Zoe, and thinks she is a great kid, so if that was somehow incorporated into the fic, that would be great!

But if you are looking at this and going what the hell what is wrong with you this is all fucking ridiculous I can't do anything of this wtf, then no worries. I'd pretty much be happy with anything set in season three about any of the characters.

Request #2
Haven - Audrey Parker, Nathan Wuornos, Duke Crocker
Oh man oh man oh man I really want something that involves some fic cliche. Any fic cliche that involves circumstances, really. Like, locked in a small area together! Or needing to conserve body heat! Or, you know, ones like that. Nothing involving a sudden disability please. If you're not down with writing OT3, then I just ask that it is either Audrey/Nathan or gen.

In more detail: I would really rather the fic be focused on Audrey than any of the guys. If you don't want to deal with the season finale, then don't. If you don't want to deal with season two, then don't. I'm not at all picky about where in the series this is set, or if you just put it out there nebulously.

And seriously, I am hugely fond of ridiculous fic cliches. Sharing a bed! Temporarily cut off from the rest of the world though for an indefinite timespan! I keep a list of fic cliches on my computer so that when I am like I WANT TO READ A FIC BUT I DO NOT KNOW WHAT I can go and look at that and find something to write myself.

I write the fic I want to read, so if you are someone who rathers that sort of reference:[]=129448

Request #3
Once Upon a Time - Maleficent, Evil Queen
Oh my god that scene. That scene when the Evil Queen goes to get the spell from Maleficent. I basically read that entire scene as "ilu you moron and if you do this it will destroy any chance I have of you ever loving me back since you *won't be able to love anymore oh my god what are you doing*". So, either f/f or friendly gen, where Maleficent is all "oh bb *eyeroll*" at the Evil Queen and the Evil Queen is all "I am so evil man so evil you better watch out because i am so evil" at her.

In more detail: First off, if you would prefer to set this in the real world, then for the love of god, do so. I am dying to know what Maleficent's counterpart is, and am praying that it's as hilarious/great as what is my own personal canon until we find out for real. Please don't feel like just because we don't know what Maleficent's counterpart is yet, that you're forced to do fairytales, if that's not what you want.

What would be super awesome is if you could, like, adapt a less common fairytale with them? I was going to provide a list of my favorite ATU numbers and now it is an hour later and I have reread something like 60 fairytales and I am backing away before it becomes tomorrow.

Request #4
Adventure Time - Marceline, Princess Bubblegum
I really love how angry Marceline is that Princess Bubblegum doesn't feel the way Marceline wants her to feel about her (holy pronoun confusion Batman!) and how Princess Bubblegum is kind of oblivious to that in a way? Like, anything based on What Was Missing would be great.

In less detail: She has her shirt! And sleeps in it! And it is the most important thing to her! Do I need to say more?
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