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Help! Which Job Do I Take?

Hello, the flist. I have not talked to you much lately! Or seen you much. Or anything. Because I have been super busy doing things like, uh. Other. Things. ANYWAY. My most recent thing was a frantic job search! And now, internet, I have a massive fucking dilemma. It is kind of like a size two jeans problem, but I could still really use your advice, or the advice of everyone you know, especially if they have been in a similar position before.

So, I have two offers. One from company Y and one from company Z.

Company Y is a software development job. The company is okay, I enjoyed the few people I got to talk to there. The work would be interesting enough. It's half an hour away, so I wouldn't have to move. The company is mid-sized and is in a good-sized urban area. They're into agile development and do pair-programming. The product isn't something I'm super interested in, but it wouldn't be that bad. I'm fairly familiar with the language.

Company Z is web development. The company is great. The people are amazing, the work environment seems awesome. I got to see a lot more of it than most interviewees get because there was a bit of downtime in the middle of the interview so I chilled with the developers for almost an hour while they worked. I love the sites they work on, and their attitude toward new things and the input everyone gets to give. The company is really, really small, but is over ten years old and is growing. They have big plans, and are in the position to actually do them. Web development seems like a better idea career-wise because it seems like it's an area where the demand is growing faster than the supply? I'm not sure. Regardless, it's something that I would enjoy doing a lot and the people and location are great. It is, however, an hour away, so while the commute is okay temporarily, I'd have to move eventually.

The kicker, the thing that is tripping me up hugely, is that after negotiations, company Z is offering 15K less than company Y. Company Z does guarantee a review and likely raise at 6 and 12 months,. whereas Y doesn't. And Z's offer is nothing to sneeze at! But Y's is just so, so much better money-wise. I mean, 15K is an entire fucking year's salary for a shitload of people.

I could live on Z's salary, I'm pretty sure. However, given my student loans, it would be tighter and I'd definitely have less of a savings cushion than with Y's.

Internet, what should I do? Is the 15K difference worth taking Y over Z, even though I like Z so much more? If you need more information, then ask away because I will pretty much tell you anything because this is a hard fucking decision and I want a lot of opinions to make sure I'm not forgetting to consider something. Like, I know this is something that I have to decide for myself in the end, but other people's opinions are still nice, you know? Especially when they have more experience than me.

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Which offer should I accept?

Company Y
1 (10.0%)

Company Z
9 (90.0%)

If you have a specific reason, what is it?

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