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  • Oct. 17th, 2006 at 4:08 PM
the_wanlorn: The Doubtful Guest (Default)
We are finally doing the lab on how to properly indent your code. How to make it readable, and how not to make your graders cry.

I'm sorry, but as someone who has to read their code, this particular lab needs to be their first lab ever. And we should have style points on HW - arbitrary points (5 or so) that the grader can decide whether to take away or not.

This is presumptuous of me, but I'm pretty sure that, after two semesters of this job, I could teach this course. Maybe not as effectively, but at least the people who worked under me wouldn't want to kill the kids.

Lesson 1: Design Recipe & Basic Syntax
Lesson 2: Functions & Structures
Lesson 3: Code Indentation & Lists (& Helper Functions)

And so on and so forth. And that would be yay.

Wow, it still shocks me that people need help with the simplest things. I should not be getting real questions during this lab. I should be getting conceptual arguments, like the Polish kid* was doing with Christos. "How come Java has parenthesis on separate lines and DrScheme has them on the same line?" Not "Wait, I'm too dumb to follow the very clear instructions. Where do linebreaks go again?"

It's kind of odd; I hate tutoring, I hate stupid people, I hate most of what I do. Yet I want to be a TA. The actual teaching part looks fun, and I know I'd be better at it than C__, purely by virtue of the fact that I'm louder. And if you don't pay attention to me, you get verbally whaled on.

Heh. Lab hours are fun.

Right, C__ is done doing the minor teaching stuff up on the board, so I shall go back to circulating the room. Good night sweet readers! (I'll be back in an hour)

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