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  • Oct. 19th, 2009 at 10:51 AM
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So, lately I've been really angry all the time. Like, so angry that I spend all day shaking and can't stop (or maybe I spend all day shaking and can't stop so I'm angry, I don't know.) Angry like I hate everyone on a general level, and if you're someone I talk to I loathe you for one reason or another which is why I'm not talking to you these past couple days, and if you're someone I'm still talking to don't worry, I fucking loathe you too, I'm just trying not to sabotage every single relationship I have.

Angry like I want to defriend my entire flist because every post makes me angrier. So angry that even just names showing up on my buddy list (or names not showing up on my buddylist, because lord knows I can't be consistent in what makes me angry) makes me want to punch walls until my fists bleed.

SO. IDK IF YOU'RE GETTING THIS, BUT I'M REALLY ANGRY LATELY. And none of my usual coping strategies (punching things, picking fights with certain friends, etc) are calming me down.

So I guess the next step is minimizing my exposure to things that make me angry. I've deleted lots of names from my buddylist, not because I don't welcome IMs from those people anymore, but because seeing/not seeing their names is making me pissed the fuck off. I mean, I'm sure this will not stop me from just doing a get-buddy-info a couple times a day and going "GOD THAT FUCKING WANKER" because it's not like I can erase screen names from my mind, and I wouldn't really want to because what if I want to IM them??

I've been counseled by close friends that perhaps I should not do things like defriend everyone on my flist that makes me angry because surely I will regret it in the morning, and while their advice was too late to stop me from sending angry emails to people, it was not too late to prevent a massive flist cut! HOORAY!

Instead, you get a minor one. I only dropped journals that I stopped reading months ago (ie, before I hit such epic levels of daily rage), so if you feel I've cut you in error, you can always bring it up with me but as much as I'm sure you are an awesome and fascinating person, I probably haven't. But you're awesome! And lovely as a person! Our fandom interests have just diverged a lot! Really!

In happier news, I went to King Richard's Faire with [livejournal.com profile] faded_lilac on Saturday and it was fucking awesome and I saw baby tigers and Hercules the liger again and I bought a didgeridoo (which lead to many didgeridon't jokes) and yet another bamboo flute, because really already having 12 of them is just too few.

And on Friday I went roller skating with [livejournal.com profile] brianne and that was pretty great too. There were no big cats, though, so really, it can't hardly compare.

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