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So, I'm reading Good Scripts, Bad Scripts, for obvious reasons. Which means I'm (re)watching the movies that are discussed so that I'm not missing anything.

Cutthroat Island is one of the few I'm watching for the first time. And oh my. The amount of 'in love' that I am is obscene. I do not even understand how this is a bad movie. I mean, there's a pirate queen! As the main character! And so far (not that far in, I admit), she's not faily!! I AM SO IN LOVE.

As such, I would like to address some of the author's issues with the structure of the film.

LOTS OF QUOTING UNDER HERE. Also, quicksand sounds like farts. )

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MICHAEL: One evening, a patient was brought into my clinic in the middle of the night. He was tortured so badly I couldn’t believe he was still breathing. A man was with him. It was the man on your radio. I’ll never forget the voice. He put a gun to my head and explained to me that my patient had robbed him and that he wanted me to save him so the pain would last longer. I did what I could. He said to come here for my money — my blood money. There’s a place between life and death. Amazing how long a man can linger there.
PRESCOTT: That’s enough, all right? Okay. Bring everything upstairs. We’re getting out of here. Tony? Tony, can you hear me?
THUG: What the hell is going on?
MICHAEL: I know this guy. He’ll have people outside the bank, in your truck,and on your boat. You have no idea who you’re dealing with.
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