lol so predictable

  • Jun. 6th, 2010 at 11:30 PM
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Right, so, I watched that episode of Doctor Who again, and it was just as horrible the second time around. It was also way more amazing and wonderful! Up until, you know, the end. :( But I am glad that I'm not alone in my "that was fucking horrible DDDDDDD:"ness.

Today I went to see if the carnival was still open because the idea of fried dough for supper was quite appealing. But it wasn't (or it was and just no one was actually there, which to be honest, may have been the case now that I think about it because it had just stopped raining) so in a fit of pissiness I stopped at the grocery story to pick up some peanut oil. Tomorrow, since it's going to be nice and cool, is going to be fried dough day. Fuck yeah!

In any case, I'm kind of super fucking pissed that the only good fic that is not [personal profile] everysecondtuesday's fic for this episode of Doctor Who was horrible just like the episode itself. >:( It started out awful, and then got a lot better! and then got SUPER FUCKING AWFUL. :( I am going to write awesome fic, and everybody is going to love it and I will be the hero of fandom*.

But now it is time to clean up and possibly go to bed! GOOD NIGHT, SLEEP TIGHT, DON'T LET THE BED BUGS BITE, INTERNET.

*And by that I mean SK and Tuesday will like it and I will be a hero to myself.

This gets rambly near the end

  • May. 25th, 2010 at 8:18 PM
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• Post this meme and your current wallpaper on your Dreamwidth
• Explain in five sentences or less why you chose it
• Don't change your wallpaper before doing this! The point is to see what you had on!

I am kind of predictable, tbh. )

SECOND OFF, AND MORE IMPORTANTLY. You guys, it's like. A thousand degrees here. (No, seriously. The actual temp topped out at around 91F, and the RealFeel topped out around 100F. I seriously thought that I was going to die.

So I did the smart thing, and spent a large portion of the day cleaning while [personal profile] mona watched Legend of the Seeker on my couch. And then she went home and I made bagels.

Because clearly, the thing to do when it's sweltering hot, is heat up the house even more by boiling water and running the oven. :| And then because the oven was already on, I took out the pizza dough that's been sitting in the fridge for... twoiish weeks? Maybe three? And made pizza to see if it was still good. (Yes, yes it was.) AND THEN. THEN I ATE DINNER. AT MY KITCHEN TABLE. FOR THE FIRST TIME SINCE I MOVED HERE.


Now I'm, you know. Eating cornbread in bed while I watch TV and try to decide if that rattly noise is just a rattly noise, or if it's a fly stuck in my window that needs killing. But whatever.

I still need to clean my bedroom and the bathroom, and do one more surface clean of the kitchen, so that I can be all ":D? :D? LOOK AT HOW CLEAN MY APARTMENT IS :D? :D?" at [personal profile] soleta and [personal profile] kate. But I am hoping I can get that done tomorrow while [personal profile] mona is here (apparently I get shit done better when there's someone around temporarily for me to ignore, because I am a terrible person I AM FAIRLY SURE SHE DOES NOT MIND THOUGH SO I AM NOT A TERRIBLE TERRIBLE PERSON) so the only thing I have to do on Thursday morning is take the animals to the dog and the cat to the vet because Robin needs shots and Lacey's eyes are acting up again.

wtf my left arm is covered in bruises how did this happen


  • May. 13th, 2010 at 9:17 PM
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My new favorite pasttime is making cupcakes, apaprently! Today I tried this vanilla buttermilke cake recipe, although I am going to have to make it again if I want to give it a proper "THIS IS SO MUCH MORE FUCKING AWESOME THAN THE LAST RECIPE" or "oh ew never again" because I was a dumbass and let it mix too long. I really need to stick post-it notes up around the kitchen that are all "DO NOT WALK AWAY" and "REALLY, THE SAUSAGES ONLY NEED FIVE MINUTES ON EACH SIDE" and "FOLDING != MIXING" and "NO YOU CAN NOT MAKE ALFREDO SAUCE WITH REGULAR MILK AND NO FLOUR DUMBASS"

...I might actually do that.

I also made swiss meringue buttercream for the frosting, in a tiny batch, and I have not tried it yet because it turns out I just wanted to make cupcakes, not actually eat cupcakes. YOU WOULD BE SURPRISED AT HOW OFTEN THIS HAPPENS. THAT IS WHY I NEED FRIENDS IN THIS STATE WHO DO NOT MIND RANDOM FOOD. "Oh, you made stuffed eggplant even though you hate 80% of the ingredients, including eggplant? WHY YES WE WOULD LOVE SOME!"

I fucking love cooking, and baking, I just do not actually want to eat anything that is at all fancy (ie, not 90% meat/cheese/carb. Yes, something that is 40% cheese and 40% meat and 20% carb fails this criteria. I am picky, okay??) which is a problem considering how much I love making fancy schmancy things.

I grilled the fuck out of a burger and it was less mediocre than the last time I made burgers! I SEE I AM GETTING BETTER AT THIS!

Internet, I am trying to think of something great to tell you that does not involve food, but I got nothin'. I have spent today reading indie comics, and now I'm watching Pandorum and, man, it is not that great. :( Unless it gets better soon. I LIKE HOW IT GOT BETTER RIGHT AFTER I TYPED THAT. GJ MOVIE GJ.

Cupcake analysis: cupcakes are okay, might be awesome if I hadn't fucked them up. Frosting is good, and sweet, and tasty. I'll have to see if it spreads smoother tomorrow after it's been chilled for a while. OKAY I HAVE LOST ALL ENTHUSIASM FOR THIS ENTRY GOOD NIGHT INTERNET I AM GOING TO DRINK SOME STRAWBERRY LEMONADE NOW AND THINK ABOUT GOING TO BED.


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Oh my fucking god, internet, I just saw The Losers and oh my fucking god HOW AMAZING IS THAT MOVIE??? I AM SERIOUSLY JUST SITTING HERE STUNNED. IT WAS SO AMAZING THAT I AM ACTUALFAX UPSET THAT IT IS OVER. Oh my god I will defend to the death that that is the best movie I have ever seen. OH MY GOD. AMAZING. OH MY GOD.

This weekend has been sort of great! On Saturday, me and [personal profile] mona went to see the Boston Ballet's Ultimate Balanchine performance, and it was fucking awesome. We didn't get home until 2am, though, because lol. TY FOR BEING MADE OF FUCKERY, T. TY. (For reference, the ballet ended around 10.)

SUNDAY: CUPCAKE DAY. I think you all know about that. I just finished off the last of the cupcakes in the fridge, and I'm thinking of making a small batch of buttercream frosting and doing the ones in the freezer ALL FOR ME OM NOM NOM NOM NOM.

Monday (WHICH IS TOTALLY PART OF THE WEEKEND SHUT UP): [personal profile] mona came back over and we watched an epic amount of Legend of the Seeker. I also tried out my NEW GRILL OH MAN and made hamburgers for us, which were not stellar, but whatever. We also went for ice cream at the place down the road, although it took forfuckingever to get.

TODAY (lol the entire concept of a weekend as ceased to have meaning for me): I finished off the last of my Whole Foods gift cards! I am SUPER PROUD OF MYSELF that I made $200 in giftcards last ALMOST FOUR MONTHS. :D :D :D GO ME!!!! The most expensive food item that I bought this time was bread flour, because I did the math and realized it would be mounds cheaper to just spend a day making bagels once a week than buying them at the rate that I do ($0.30/bagel compared to $0.70, and it's only that expensive because all they had for bread flour was organic and I buy brand name sugar & salt; with those three things switched out, it's around $0.20). And, at this point in my life, I have plenty of time and usually enough energy to spend a couple hours on the weekend making bagels and pizza dough for the week.

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HELLO INTERNET. DID I TELL YOU THAT I MADE CUPCAKES? BECAUSE I TOTALLY DID. I used this recipe for the cake itself, and the filling recipe here for the frosting. Allow me to show you!!

Cupcakes [3 images] )

SPEAKING OF CATS: I was uploading all the photos of origami from the past week from my phone, now that I am in a place where there is enough service to do so. And as I was doing so, I just kept going when I hit the end of the origami photos, and I found all these hilarious photos of my cat from two years ago. SUCH AS:

Two photos of Murphy looking like an idiot. )

I hope you all are having a totally awesome Mother's Day!
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In origami news, today I decided to make a stegosaurus, and it took me all fucking day because I forgot how much making a stegosaurus fucking sucks and by the end (ie, ten minutes ago) I was so sick of the whole thing that I skipped a couple steps and declared it done. But it is the last pattern in the book! Now all I have left to do are the ones that I skipped because I got too frustrated with them. THIS HAPPENS MORE OFTEN THAN YOU THINK. No pictures because I can't get enough service in my apartment to send them from my phone to my email, and I keep forgetting to do it when I'm out and about.

Also, the frosting on the cupcakes in the fridge seems to be holding up well.

FINALLY, for today's [community profile] fannish5, we have your five favorite spaceships.

In which I go on about spaceships )

Ugh, self.

  • May. 6th, 2010 at 11:40 PM
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That empty space for May 4 is making me make >:( faces (I will honestly defriend the first person to suggest that I backdate an entry). And now I'm sitting here going "WELL, THERE'S NO POINT IN POSTING NOW BECAUSE YOU'VE MISSED A DAY >:(" I have the same problem with 750words, because I forgot on Wednesday, because I was working on my sister's graduation present. I was making a bunch of these out of 47/64" (not quite ¾") squares so I could make this as a substitute for a baseball.

What I am saying is, I have a real fucking problen with ~all-or-nothing thinking~. HOORAY FOR MENTAL ILLNESS.

Anyway, today I made cupcakes, and man. Four years ago, sifting flour was the Worst Thing Ever. But apparently now, I find it kind of fun. They're for my mum for Mother's Day, so most of them are sitting in the freezer, waiting for Sunday morning so I can frost them.

I saved a couple to practice frosting with, and made some whipped cream frosting (AS ONE DOES) and made some piping bags and learned two things! 1) Leaves are only slightly harder than they look to make. 2) Holy shit I can not make roses at all. IDEFK WHAT THOSE THINGS I MADE WERE, BUT THEY WERE NOT ROSES.

Now most of those are sitting in the fridge, so I can figure out if the whipped cream frosting will hold up well enough so that I can frost them at home on Sunday morning and bring them to my parents', or if I have to pack up my shit and frost them over there. So far, they are still looking good!

THINGS I HAVE NOT DONE YET: Watched Lost, watched In Plain Sight. It appears I'm at that time of year where the idea of watching a show that I really love makes me incredibly anxious. It's such a pain in the ass.

Oh my god I did not realize that I did not post this entry when I finished it. D: D: D: OOPS.


  • May. 17th, 2009 at 9:31 PM
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Milk Tart )

Still no kittens.

Ice Cream and Superheroes

  • May. 5th, 2009 at 2:01 PM
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I made ice cream today! It's delicious chocolate ice cream made from delicious local goat milk. Me > You

Recipe )

In another news, I don't understand why the internet is not filled with a hundred and ten different Pepper Potts, superhero fics. I mean, hello, what could be more awesome?

I think I'm going to dump the book I'm writing now in favor of writing that Pepper Potts, superhero fic I started once.

Things you don't consider about goat milk

  • Apr. 30th, 2009 at 10:56 AM
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Now, I know, I know, that raw milk lasts longer than pasteurized milk. But it still makes me nervous to leave for three days. I mean, what if, for some reason, I come back, and it's gone off? That's nearly a half gallon of milk I've wasted because I didn't use it every single day for three days.


So today I'm baking a lot of milk-filled baked goods so that I've used it. The first recipe of the day: bread pudding!

Bread Pudding Recipe )

I think I have just enough left for breakfast tomorrow, and maybe some to bring on the ride down to Maryland for MDS&W, I'm not sure. Or maybe I'll make some rice pudding... if I can find the extra bottle of vanilla extract I know I have somewhere.

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