• Jun. 10th, 2010 at 11:59 PM
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>:( I forgot what I was going to post about today. I have been so incredibly cranky all week. :( And there's no snackfood in my apartment. :(

Oct. 15th, 2006

  • 10:25 PM
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Damnit, I stopped watching Bleach in order to do HW.

But, apparently, when my brain says "HW", it actually means "internet surfing".

Bleach Bleach Bleach Bleach

  • Oct. 15th, 2006 at 11:07 AM
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Hat 'n' sandals guy? Most awesomest character ever. He is so shady and cool.

In other news, I slept for 15 hours last night. I kind of feel like I got hit by a truck. Jus' sayin'.

I like lists today

  • Oct. 14th, 2006 at 1:25 AM
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2) Nothing lasts forever. Nothing. And you know what? While that's not okay, per se, it's something you have to live with, and something you have to expect. Two years is a goodly length of time. Two weeks is a goodly length of time. It all ends.

3) I can see people getting naked across the courtyard from me. Kinda cute, too.

4) Hahahahahaha Ichigo's sword is HUGE. Hahahahahaha

5) Bodhrán lessons in two hours or so. Glee!

6) I have two job interviews scheduled, and I'm insanely nervous for both of them. One, I actually really want to get. The other, I'm ambivalent about, but whatever.

7) Hitting your alarmclock does not turn off your cellphone's alarm. Not that I would know.

8) That Roland understands is what makes it so painfully sad. Sometimes, knowing a person accepts what you're doing to them is even worse than if they were kicking and screaming all the way. I suppose it's the resignation.

9) I can predict with startling accuracy what lines will stay with me forever. The most recent one has been:
"If you can't run, you crawl. And if you can't do that... if you can't do that, you find someone to carry you."
The first non-Tolkein one was:
"For ever and ever, we say when we are young, or in our prayers. Twice, we say it. Old One, do we not? For ever and ever ... so that a thing may be for ever, a life or a love or a quest, and yet begin again, and be for ever just as before. And any ending that may seem to come is not truly an ending, but an illusion. For Time does not die, Time has neither beginning nor end, and so nothing can end or die that has once had a place in Time."
I'll admit, that I was a lazy arse and didn't want to type up that last one, so I opened my ebook copy and C&P'ed it. It's kind of funny; I always attribute that particular passage to Merriman and put it in The Dark is Rising (possibly since I've read my copy so many times it's literally falling apart; none of the pages are glued to the binding anymore, and 90% of them aren't even connected to each other). But it's really Gwion saying it in Silver on the Tree. Funny how a mind works, yeah?

10) I am so tired.

I'm sooo bored

  • Apr. 23rd, 2004 at 12:33 PM
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I'm so insanely bored right now. I might just babel on for another half hour or so, to relieve my boredom. Unfortunately, I seem to have no thoughts left. Like, if my lack of thoughts were measured in inches, they'd be as long as a ten foot pole.

We have math next. I don't really wanna go to math. Well, I don't really wanna go to any classes. Like, this happens to me at the end of every year. I get so apathetic by 4th term. I stop doing HW, stop caring about what I get on quizzes, stop trying to stay awake in classes... It's awful. I pretty much just give up. The only reason I go to skool is cuz Mum makes me.

If I had a choice, I'd just stay home and sleep all day. Although, I have to say, that does get pretty damned boring after a while. Like, over Christmas break, I thought I was gonna die of boredom. Although, that mighta been because I was banned from the net for the entire vacation, almost.

Well, Jocelyn is saddened by the speed at which I type. And Rosemary is creeped out by me, but I don't know why. Weeeeeeeeeeeeird.

But, yar. I can't wait until I have a kah so that when I'm bored as hell (at home, not in skool), I can hop in my kah and go somewhere. Like, I think that my boredom would be totally and completely alleviated, were I able to just get up and leave. I knowt hat a lot of it's from having nothing to do cuz I live in CowTown and there's nooooothing to do in CowTown.

Well, no, I take that back. I can watch TV, watch movies, write, chill on the net, and read. But that's about it. And, of course, even if there were something to do, I'd have to walk to it.

Of course, CowTown's not that large, so it would be easy to walk to wherever I needed to go. Blech. I'm sooooooooo insanely bored right now I wanna go jump off a cliff.

I have the most randomest, hugest, bruisiest bruise on my arm. It's a nice shade of royal blue and it hurts like a BITCH right now. But I don't really care. Even though it hurts.

I love how lunch time doesn't come until after my tummy's given up on getting food and stopped growling. Like, I wasn't hungy at all. But I wolfed down my Lunchable anyway and then came here.

All I really wanna do right now is go home and go to bed. I fell asleep during Spanish. I almost fell asleep during Physics. Although, it's not like we were doing anything important in Physics. I love how she has us do the problems after she quizzes us on the stuff. I mean, it's just totally pointless.

Apparently, we all have to go to forensics for chem class cuz Contonionionionionibitch is gonna be late to class. Oh joy! I kinda just wanted to go to chem cuz after I presented my pH tester that doesn't work, I coulda gone to sleep. I've done it often enough before.

Oh gods, my pH thing... It's so bad. It doesn't work in the slightest. I'm such a failure at everything. And Contonionionio is gonna be soooo pissed cuz, since it didn't work, I made my instructins kinda a joke. Like, I basically said that it tested if the liquid would burn you to death within seconds. If the paper didn't explode, all was good. And she hates that kinda thing cuz she has no sense of humor.

MassAcademy's like that (going back to me wanting to sleep in classes). We're so relieved to be out of skool that we don't want to go to bed at night. So we all stay up late and do HW or whatever. The downside being we're all comatose in skool and want to sleep alll the time. Like, Mindy used to fall asleep in classes soooooo much. Now she doesn't. But that's MassAcademy for ya. So ridiculous.

Grar, I hate that I can't spell. Like, how do you spell ridiculous??? I dunno. I don't think anyone else does. I mean, grrrrr.

Heheheheheheheh and I just let Crabs crash Rosemary's website. But mebbe not. Oh boy. Grar.

Anyway. I'm still insanely bored and I'm listening to Boxcar Racer which, according to everyone else, apparently is a sucky band. But I like them. They make me... not happy, but ya know.

I suppose I should stop writing now. We have 15 minutes of lunch left. And Matt wants me to write about him and his totally awesome massages, but I don't feel like it.

Love ya all!!

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