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  • Mar. 23rd, 2016 at 12:40 PM
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…I posted here multiple times a day? And then Tumblr happened and I abandoned LJ/DW because, you know, there was no one around and clearly Tumblr was the Way Of The Future (Of Fandom) and, you know what? Tumblr fucking sucks. My dash is curated down to only chill fandom people, so the drama of the rest of Tumblr doesn’t really touch me, but fandom has changed so much from Ye Olden Times that, idk. I hate it.

But I don’t know that I remember how to do this, either.

So, you know, I guess I’m gonna try to remember to post here and comment here and, idk, see if I can regain some of that old fandom feeling that I miss. (Probably not.) Oh god, is this how I know I’m getting old? I’m talking about the good ol’ days and missing platforms gone by and-

So! What fandoms are everyone into these days?


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There was going to be a long rant here about how much I utterly despise fandom, and how I sometimes forget that and venture into the wilds of fandom (or read posts on my flist in specific fandoms after I've sworn never to read that flister talking about that fandom again), and how people who don't X or people who Y should get the fuck off my flist-

-but fuck that. This (current) bullshit is not a surprise. This bullshit is nothing more than what I expected. And I'm not going to give it the time and mental effort it takes to write up a coherent post on why your-opinions-are-bad-and-you-should-feel-bad just so people who do comment can go "They're just my preferences" or "Well, yeah, I think that, but I'm not a horrible person/it's not a problem for me" or any of that bullshit that results in my defriending and ban_setting people and trying to burn down fandom with my brain.

SO! To cheer me up and make me less furious, I give you a meme, which I will do if the fandom strikes my fancy.

5 Things That Didn't Happen Meme: Give me a topic - eg, "Five glasses of wine Aziraphale didn't drink", "Five people Supergirl didn't date" - and I'll give you back a list. I guess you can ask me for 5 Things That *Did* Happen instead, if you prefer.


the_wanlorn: Mary slapping Marshall upside the head as they walk toward the camera. (In Plain Sight: Head Slap)

I don't know if you've gathered this yet, internet, but I fucking love In Plain Sight. Look, I even made an icon that sums up just why I love it. (It is a shitty icon, because I have not yet learned how to make non-shitty icons out of short clips, but whatever.)

Icon with Mary slapping Marshall upside the head.

Here, have the entire scene that comes from as a .gif. )

Also, internet, this week's episode was a thing of beauty. I actually made high pitched squeaking noises at one point. It was fucking great. I've hit that point that I rarely hit with fandoms where the two main character are just so fucking adorable that I want to make dolls of them and mash them together making kissy noises like I'm three. WHAT. IT IS A VALID RESPONSE TO ADORABLENESS, OKAY. >:(

I really fucking wish that this fic that I am writing would just finish its god damn self already. :( It is not even going to be that long! I just... don't want to put forth the effort required to make what is in my head and in my chatlogs turn into actual fic. Two whole scenes are done! Only... a bajillion more to go. :(

I wish I could decide whether I want to make a post in the In Plain Sight comm linking back to That Fic I Wrote That One Time now, or wait until 3W4DW is over. I mean, the end result is the same, but if I wait, then I have more time to decide whether or not I want to lock everything that talks about how much I despise the fandom OR put the fic in my writing journal and just hope no one trots over here for a look-see.

(Really, what is going to happen, is that assuming I even remember in three weeks, I'm going to remember that I don't give a fuck and just link it. But, you know, I can at least pretend that I care what people think of me.)

Now I am off to write a paper on smart growth and think about studying for tomorrow's final (no actual studying will occur) and fuck around with origami some more (I keep hitting points where I can't figure out what the hell the diagram wants me to do and it is distressing because I thought this was just like riding a bike :( :( :(  ).

Aunt Peter, by Jody Gladding )
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OKAY SO the more I lurk in In Plain Sight fandom, the more I slowly grow to hate it more and more. It's like I'm watching an entirely different show from what everyone else is watching. It's the same feeling I had in Iron Man fandom, where I was going "...did we even watch the same movie? Are these even the same characters?" constantly during discussions.

One of the things I hate the absolute most, though (OUT OF A LARGE LIST OF THINGS I HATE), is how often, when people are writing shit from the perspective of Marshall, they put Nice Guy bullshit in his head.

And, like. Here's the thing. Marshall does Nice Guy shit. I mean, ffs, he's basically sat there for however many years thinking that, if he was just patient enough, Mary would get it. Which is such a fucking Nice Guy thing, and yet it just makes me sad. Because the key ingredient that makes something go from "Oh bb" to "Fuck off, prick" is the amount of entitlement in it. And there's just... no entitlement there with Marshall whatsoever. He's not going "I've been your best friend forever and loved you forever and I deserve to be the one you marry." He's going "You are doing this because you think it will make you happy and I want you to be happy so I'm happy for you" and meaning it, even as he's incredibly upset that whatever hopes he had of one day being the thing that makes Mary happy have been crushed.

So when fic has Marshall moaning about nice guys finishing last and what have you, I just want to kick some teeth in, because seriously, have you even watched the show? And I fall in hate with this fandom a little more.

(Sometimes, I am really glad that when I'm not writing fic specifically for me, I'm writing it specifically for one or two people. Because I'm pretty sure that if I was writing fic for fandom at large and to become a BNF or whatever, I'd have basically killed my chances by talking constantly about how much I hate everyone in this fandom.)

There is no frigate like a book, by Emily Dickenson )

Elizabeth Bishop, "One Art" (also, Lost 6x12)

  • Apr. 15th, 2010 at 12:13 PM
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:( When I get into a new fandom, I always forget how much I fucking hate general fandom. And then I find bunches of comments on posts where it's like "Ohhhhhhh right, disliking characters based on their actions is ridiculous! Much better to hate them for being women!" And "Yeahhhhhhh, totally forgot that hating a lovable, adorable character just because he gets in the way of your [CLEARLY VASTLY SUPERIOR, I WILL ADMIT] ship is totally okay."

Every time I think I'm getting really fucking crazy about a show, and really fucking crazy and overinvested in a ship, I see shit like this, and go "Oh, right. I may be crazy and overinvested, and I may think that Mary/Raph is awful, but I still fucking love Raph and don't want him to leave the show, so at least I'm not a terrible person."

Speaking of crazy and overinvested, I haven't fallen this hard for a show this fast in yearrrrrs. I leave VLC open, regardless of whether I've got something playing or not, unless I shut down the computer, so things aggregate in the playlist. Last time I turned off the computer was Saturday. Here is the playlist of things I've watched since Saturday (IT IS SUPER LONG):


I THINK I HAVE A BIT OF A PROBLEM. But also, I just watched Lost, so it is time to talk about that!

Spoilers for Lost 6x12 )

One Art, by Elizabeth Bishop )
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Internet, I don't have much to say to you today. As the TV season winds down, I'm getting back into listening to music, and I've pulled out a bunch of soundtracks and my summer playlists. Maybe I will make an awesome playlist for you guys or something. Which would require me combining the music on four different hard drives so I had an easily searchable central location, and I'd have to go through and finish retagging everything so that the tags were proper and-

No, I am not going down that road again. Last year I got obsessive about fixing all the ID3 tags on my entire music collection (LET ME TELL YOU INTERNET, IT IS VAST) and it was just a bad thing all around.

Spring break is almost over, I still have not found a job, and these two things are contributing vastly to my anxiety. Also, I was going to spend all break catching up on my reading, and instead I... have not read a single book. :( God damn it.

Also, I'm trying to write a post about what draws me to a pairing in a fannish way (ie, why I'll ship two ships like burning, but have zero desire to read fic for one of them), and it is fucking difficult to make my thoughts coalesce into something even resembling coherence that people-who-aren't-my-close-friends would understand. SO, INTERNET, I AM KIND OF CRANKY. Also also, I've started compiling a list of all the shit I've gone "Hey, wouldn't it be hilarious (or hilariously depressing) if..." to a friend about, which then occurred in canon and wasn't hilarious at all D: It is a kind of long list. :( Which I guess is something to be proud of, because it means me (and my friends) have a strong grasp on various canons. I guess. :(

Finally, a meme to pass the time:

You can learn a lot about someone by the music they listen to. So here is the game! Hit shuffle on your ipod or mp3 player and write down the first 25 songs. No cheating or skipping songs that are shameful. That is the fun!

List under here. )


Bleach OTP

  • Oct. 17th, 2006 at 11:57 AM
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Right, so, for about two days, my Bleach OTP was Chad/Karin, because it was so sketchy and weird and seemingly crack.

It was a good OTP.

Then I had the brilliant idea to google for fic, so that I could bemoan the lack of it. Oh, except wait! There's a Chad/Karin community! On LiveJournal! With bad!fic and okay!fic and probably drama!


New OTP: Sandal-Hat/Cat

ETA: Oh, wait, the comm is wicked quiet and there's only 25 members and pretty much only one posts SO IT'S OKAY.

I love how picky I am about the popularity of my OTPs. DAMN YOU FANDOM.

Sandal-Hat/Cat is still awesome, though.

I am so fucking tired.

  • Oct. 5th, 2006 at 1:09 AM
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SOMEone has taught herself how to use Gimp, command-line FTP, and animated .gifs. AND THAT PERSON IS NOT YOU.

Lookee! )

My eyes hurt

  • Oct. 4th, 2006 at 11:14 PM
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This is the sort of stupid shit it takes me all afternoon to do when I'm bored.

zomg GIMP'd )


Oh Black Books...

  • Oct. 3rd, 2006 at 2:22 PM
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This is a spammy day.

Here is an absolutely glorious Black Books/Torchwood cross-over.

Manny! Bernard! Jack! In one fic! *dies of love*

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