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  • Sep. 13th, 2011 at 12:56 PM
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Internet, it is my last semester at school. One of the classes that I have to take to graduate, after attending college since 2004, is English 102. I must learn how to write research papers. No, really. So, I ask you, citizens of the internet, to please come up with a topic for me. I have to be able to make an argument (ie, my thesis must be something someone can disagree with) and it has to be "relevant," which I think means something which is still an active topic of study? So far those seem to be the only restrictions.

Internet, I really want to get on this, because I can not afford to fail this class because it becomes too much work in my crazy head and I stop going. :D?

Poll #8069 Research Paper Topic
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What topic shall I write a ten page research paper on?

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Canibalize my paper on jazz from '04, two unis ago, and hope I don't get caught
1 (6.7%)

Monoculture and why it is a terrible idea
2 (13.3%)

1 (6.7%)

Why unions are great and the 28-year-old in this class who is anti-union should feel bad for existing
6 (40.0%)

Why the TSA in general is a terrible idea and the US is an asshole for trying to reinvent the wheel
5 (33.3%)

Something to do with computers which I will suggest below
0 (0.0%)

Other which I will suggest below
0 (0.0%)

Suggest suggestions.


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Hello internet! How are you today? I'm doing well!

So, I need to give this survey to eight people. And it's way easier to get my flist to do it than to go find eight people who I know and get them to do it. So! Here is a survey about "important issues today related to women’s health." I'm the only person who can see the answers. It would make my day if you (YES, YOU) would fill it out before midnight. Because that is when the ~analysis paper~ is due.

Poll #5862 Women's Health Questionnaire
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ave you ever had to delay or go without the health care you needed because:

you couldn't afford it?
20 (66.7%)

you didn't have insurance?
17 (56.7%)

you couldn't get child care?
1 (3.3%)

you couldn't get there?
8 (26.7%)

you couldn't get time off work?
10 (33.3%)

you just plain ol' didn't have time?
20 (66.7%)

When you need information on a particular health issue, which, if any, of these sources do you turn to first—a health care provider, books, the internet, family and friends, a pharmacist, or some other source?

During the last 12 months, have you spent less on basic needs for your family, such as food or electricity, so that you would have enough money for your medicines?

3 (9.1%)

27 (81.8%)

Don't know
1 (3.0%)

2 (6.1%)

IF YOU ARE A CAREGIVER: how concerned are you about each of the following.

Balancing care-giving with other responsibilities
1 (50.0%)

Having enough time for your family
1 (50.0%)

Maintaining your own health
2 (100.0%)

How many times, have you visited a doctor or health care provider in the last 12 months?

1 - 4 times
16 (48.5%)

5 - 9 times
11 (33.3%)

10+ times
6 (18.2%)

In the last 12 months, was there ever a time when you:

were not able to see a specialist when you thought you needed one?
11 (50.0%)

felt you did not have enough personal control over decisions affecting your own medical care?
10 (45.5%)

had concerns about the quality of care you received?
12 (54.5%)

tried to see a new doctor but could not because the doctor was not taking new patients?
8 (36.4%)

Thinking about your last doctor’s visit, did you understand all of the information the doctor gave to you?

31 (93.9%)

2 (6.1%)

In the past five years, has a doctor told you that you have any of the following health problems or conditions?

High blood pressure
2 (9.1%)

Heart disease
1 (4.5%)

0 (0.0%)

0 (0.0%)

2 (9.1%)

16 (72.7%)

Thyroid problems
5 (22.7%)

Osteporosis or brittle bones
0 (0.0%)

4 (18.2%)

Asthma/Respiratory condition
2 (9.1%)

High Colesterol
5 (22.7%)

7 (31.8%)


Registering for classes is always fun!

  • Nov. 8th, 2010 at 10:56 AM
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Hello the internet!

Today is the first day of registration for spring classes and, being the clever person I am, I decided I was going to get their early so I could be first in line at the registrar's and both declare my minor and sign up for all of my classes. People were like "lol gonna have to get there at ass o'clock in the morning" but I didn't believe them. BECAUSE CLEARLY THAT WAS AN EXAGGERATION.

Internet, I got there an hour before the registrar opened, and the line was already looped around the entire hallway and up one flight of stairs. There were pillows and blankets and people sleeping, I am not even shitting you.

NEEDLESS TO SAY, I sai fuck that and went to hang out in the sciences building and kept loading the website until I got through AS ONE DOES. I could only register for two of my classes because lol no minor SO MY SEXY SCHEDULE IS IN DANGER but I think I will survive.

Assuming that I still manage to get my sexy schedule, I will most likely be graduated by fall of 2011. YESSSSSSSSSSSSSS. And then I am going to take a part-time courseload at the local community college so I don't have to start paying back my loans until I feel like it. THIS COULD NOT POSSIBLY GO WRONG.


Holy Incompetence, Batman!

  • May. 12th, 2010 at 9:15 PM
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You guys, I was all set to make a great post today. I was going to talk about Nurse Jackie and my love of Jackie/O'Hara and how much this picspam makes me absolutely filled with glee and how great the last few episodes have been. I was going to talk about making Lost cupcakes and Swiss buttercream frosting and crème brûlée and my epic plans for the next two days. I was going to talk about how fucking amazing last night's Lost was, and how epic my love of Jacob is.

Instead, I am going to talk about how incredibly angry one of my professors makes me.

So, a bit of history of this class: This professor has canceled at least a third of the classes, by either emailing us a couple hours before class to let us know, just not showing up, or letting us out after ten minutes of class. His "teaching style" consists of going on tangents instead of teaching the lesson, chatting with half the class, and only very occasionally going over actual information. I honestly feel like I have learned nothing in this class. We've gotten exactly one grade back, and that was for the quiz we took the third(ish) week of class. Which is unfortunate, because since then, we have had two papers, one other quiz, and the midterm.

Okay, got all that? )

Internet, tell me something good that happened to you today. After typing all that up again I am literally shaking with rage. CHEER ME UP, I COMMAND YOU.


Help needed at the bottom.

  • May. 5th, 2010 at 6:20 PM
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I meant to make a post yesterday, but I started working on a powerpoint for a presentation I had to do today, and four hours later I was like ":D I should install this torrent of fonts that I got!" and five and a half hours later (I did other stuff in there too, but I don't really remember it) I had fallen in love with find and realized I had nearly 7000 fonts in my system. It makes searching through in GIMP to find the font I want a pain in the ass. BUT WHATEVER I LIKE TO COLLECT THINGS, INTERNET, AND I LIKE LARGE NUMBERS. SO, THERE YOU GO.

Anyway, my presentation was on the movie Sneakers, so all the titles on the pages were in a font that matched the movie poster (and the color, and the same drop shadow). I learned how to make drop shadows! HOW GREAT IS THAT (shut up, I know that's a basic thing wtfever). And then for the final page I found a font that looks sort of like the font used in the "That's all Folks" at the end of old Looney Tunes cartoons, and learned how to make a path! And align text with the path! THIS IS ALL VERY EXCITING, OKAY.


IDEGAF that it's not that exact or that someone who actually does this shit often could do it way better than me IT IS CLOSE ENOUGH AND I ROCK.

Suffice to say, by 5:30AM, when I realized I had to leave in seven and a half hours to class to give this presentation, I just went the fuck to bed. And today I remembered why I hate giving presentations with other people, because they do it wrong. I am, apparently, too much of a control freak to let other people do the talking when they're not phrasing things right without, you know, gritting my teeth and looking pissy. YOU GUYS THERE WAS A JOKE THAT WHISTLER WAS LIKE DAREDEVIL, AND SHE WAS LIKE "blah blah Whistler's a daredevil blah blah" AND I WAS JUST LIKE WHAT. Basically, I fail at communication.


I am slightly more than halfway through this book! [9 images] )

FINALLY. My bb sister is graduating college in two weekends. I have no money. I can't get her anything. And I just have no fucking clue what I can make her in two weeks. I also hate giving her things because she's hugely judgmental and every time someone gives her a present, when that person is gone she complains about it (like the rest of my family), and idk if you guys know this, but I fucking suck at giving presents, and I fucking hate doing it because I know that whatever I'm giving is stupid and they're not going to like it and they're going to complain about it and seriously when I give someone a present, I can't even be there when they open it without wanting to throw up or take it back and go NEVER MIND HA HA JUST KIDDING HERE TAKE A WAD OF CASH INSTEAD EVERYONE LOVES CASH RIGHT :D? :D? DDDDDDDDDDDD:

(And now there are a handful of you going "Ohhhhhhh she makes so much more sense now.")

I barely ever talk to her (for various reasons that are pretty much summed up in that text message conversation the other week) and I don't really know what she's into beyond the shit she was into when I still lived at home and we were in high school and I don't even know if she still likes that stuff anymore and I'd just make her a boquet of origami flowers like I made for my mum last Mother's Day but I am pretty sure that will be met with "are you fucking kidding"s and implicit "this is what you got me"s.

So, uh. I know that none of you know her so you can't really help me, but help :(

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I just got back from taking my first final of the semester, and I think I did fairly okay. Which goes a long way to counteract the leftover anger from staying up until 2:30 to finish the paper that was also due in that class today. (Now I'm just left with the grumpiness of staying up another two hours because I didn't feel like sleeping and then I had to organize my GoogleDocs.)

Not only did I reward myself with pizza on the way home, I also figured out the bit of the fic that I'm sticking on, no thanks to the billions of people I've gone "Guys I am stuck" to who couldn't understand what I was stuck on. GUYS. SERIOUSLY. STOP OVERTHINKING HOW DUMB I AM. I REALLY AM THAT DUMB. JESUS.

Here, have a meme about regional dialects:

How do we say things in Massachusetts? )

SPEAKING OF MASSACHUSETTS, idk if y'all picked up on this, but this year's theme for Poetry Month was "lady poets of New England." You should maybe, when you choose a theme, make sure that there are plenty of poets out there who match it. Just a word of advice. SO HERE, HAVE THE LAST ONE:

Snow White and the Seven Dwarves, by Anne Sexton )

The Real Story

  • Jan. 12th, 2009 at 2:04 PM
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Okay, so, the office that I went to got it wrong. Here's what really happened.

Grades came in the day before I Am Here registration was to start. The Dean needed to put a block on my account so that I would come in and talk to an advisor, due to my shitass grades or whatever. But he just didn't have enough time in the day to do it.

I registered on the first day of registration. I believe I'm all set.

The Dean blocks my account, which deregisters all my classes.

I go to class for a couple days.

Professor Landgrebe notices I've dropped his class, asks me WTF.

I proceed to freak out.

This all could have been avoided if they didn't fuck up the schedule so bad, thus giving people not enough time to do their jobs.


(I'm still angry about the whole thing, though.)

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