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I'm sorry internet! I meant to make this post sooner -- I know I promised it to you on Friday -- but, well. On Friday I was too damned overwhelmed by the level of kindness and generosity the internet displayed to do much more than start at my paypal account and weep in gratitude. I can not thank you guys enough, or properly express how much it means to me that so many people were willing to help out. Thank you.

Then, on Saturday, I was at my parents' to do laundry and the cable/internet/phone had gone out on the entire street because of some lightning that hit new!neighbor's garage (and blew out all the windows and set things on fire and probably destroyed the wiring in her house*), which also blew out most of the internet-related electronics in my parents' house. So that was down all day and, when it finally worked again, I spent the rest of the time I was there setting up their fancypants new modem/router combo and convincing it to like linux. (I did, however, make massive headway in cleaning out their basement by both throwing things out and sorting things into keep, yardsale, and ebay boxes; I've gone through all my things that I planned on going through, and now I just need to get my sister down there for her things, but that is another entry).)

Yesterday I have no excuse beyond "lazy." BUT TODAY. TODAY I BRING YOU PICTURES OF MY SUCCULENTS. I have no idea what any of these are, except for the aloe plant. If anyone does know, I would not so no to information!

Pictures! )

*I entertained some thoughts of talking to the woman who was selling it, because I'd known her all my life, and asking if she would be open to a rent-to-own deal. Before I did so, it sold. And, let me tell you internet, my first thought on hearing about the lightning was "Oh thank god I was too shy to talk to Nick's mum."

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