Help! Which Job Do I Take?

  • Jan. 19th, 2012 at 7:06 PM
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Hello, the flist. I have not talked to you much lately! Or seen you much. Or anything. Because I have been super busy doing things like, uh. Other. Things. ANYWAY. My most recent thing was a frantic job search! And now, internet, I have a massive fucking dilemma. It is kind of like a size two jeans problem, but I could still really use your advice, or the advice of everyone you know, especially if they have been in a similar position before.

Torn between two job offers )


In Which Our Heroine Is Not Evicted

  • Jun. 6th, 2011 at 9:32 PM
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HOORAY FOR ME! I have paid my rent and with the money I earned at the yard sale (people buy the dumbest shit, you guys, and also get all pissy when you won't sell them a never used furby for a dollar wtf?) I have paid all my bills for the month except my internet, which does not even come for another couple weeks. Thank you all so fucking much ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

IN OTHER NEWS. One of my cucumbers has a teeny tiny flower on it. I would post a picture, but it's A) covered by other leaves, and B) still tiny and closed. I'm all excited for it to bloom! My ocean sunburn is peeling for a second time, and my yard sale sunburn is on the verge of its first peel. I spent a couple hours outside with the dog today and lost his tennis ball down the drop off out back, so I have to get some rope and climb down after it on Wednesday.

I think my gf is coming to visit soon, and I'm embarrassingly invested in an embarrassing show and writing embarrassing fic for it. The bossman only yelled at me once in almost a week of work days (so almost two weeks of real time), and, while the landlord's husband did chuck my grill in the dumpster, I noticed it was in there in time and rescued it into the back of my car.

Basically: life is feeling pretty good right now!


  • May. 2nd, 2010 at 10:48 PM
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Instead of doing anything constructive today, like clean the apartment, I lay in bed and moaned about how hot and muggy it was for a while, and then spent a while doing origami. As one does.

(I also watched an ep of In Plain Sight with [personal profile] guminudli and an ep of Doctor Who with [personal profile] shadowkitty, but those a hardly better than origami.)

Anyway, I have a long tradition of fucking around with origami when I'm too... idek what the feeling is, but it's very specific. Like, when I need something to do with my hands, but I'm can't do something that takes a more than minimal concentration. Back when I worked at $SEARCHENGINE, there would be long swathes of time where I couldn't do anything because I had to pay attention to the screen, but I needed something to do. By the end of my time there, well. This is what my cube looked like:

Jesus I miss this job. [10 images] )

So there's that. Today, I have spent the day making prehistoric creatures (and a swallow and a couple cranes), because it was too fucking hot to do much else. Obvserve my lack of photography skills:

Five images. )

Now I have to go figure out how to write out this demonstrative speech because I am pretty sure
Purpose: To teach the class how to make an origami crane

Body: Make a crane.

Conclusion: Now you know how to make a crane.
is not actually going to cut it as an outline. jfc I don't know how to make a crane, you just do it. I forsee a lot of crankily trying to decipher muscle memory in my future, like when I'm trying to remember what my password is and I can't just let my fingers type it.
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Hey Livejournal! How are you?

I'm working on a paper that was due last night, worrying about a group paper due on Thursday that we haven't started working on yet, and fretting about a couple assignments that are due tomorrow. And I'm trying to work on a fic rec post but I can't until I finish my school stuff so I am kind of worried I am not going to get to it today. So! You have two missions, should you choose to accept them!

  1. One of the assignments due tomorrow is to come in with a list of five objections to our proposed solution to a social issue. My issue is "People living in poverty are forced to eat shit food" and my solution is "Pay people a living wage for god's sake and also increase bus routes and grocery stores in food deserts." Would anyone care to suggest a reason why people would oppose this? I WOULD BE MUCH OBLIGED.

  2. Tell me something good that happened to you today! If nothing good happened to you, tell me something good that happened this week, or this month, or this year, or this century, etc. Let's all cheer each other up by talking about how not shit life can be sometimes!

Now I must go figure out how to lock Benry out of the chemicals cabinet since she keeps chewing on the rubber band and eat a burger.


Job Interviews are Terrifying

  • Apr. 20th, 2009 at 11:08 AM
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I just had a phone interview for a job and it appears that it will be the only interview I have? I'm not sure, but it's for a work-at-home legit position in a medical information systems company and man oh man do I hope I get the job.

Because seriously. Work at home. My dream job.


Lab Topics

  • Oct. 17th, 2006 at 4:08 PM
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We are finally doing the lab on how to properly indent your code. How to make it readable, and how not to make your graders cry.

I'm sorry, but as someone who has to read their code, this particular lab needs to be their first lab ever. And we should have style points on HW - arbitrary points (5 or so) that the grader can decide whether to take away or not.

This is presumptuous of me, but I'm pretty sure that, after two semesters of this job, I could teach this course. Maybe not as effectively, but at least the people who worked under me wouldn't want to kill the kids.

Lesson 1: Design Recipe & Basic Syntax
Lesson 2: Functions & Structures
Lesson 3: Code Indentation & Lists (& Helper Functions)

And so on and so forth. And that would be yay.

Wow, it still shocks me that people need help with the simplest things. I should not be getting real questions during this lab. I should be getting conceptual arguments, like the Polish kid* was doing with Christos. "How come Java has parenthesis on separate lines and DrScheme has them on the same line?" Not "Wait, I'm too dumb to follow the very clear instructions. Where do linebreaks go again?"

It's kind of odd; I hate tutoring, I hate stupid people, I hate most of what I do. Yet I want to be a TA. The actual teaching part looks fun, and I know I'd be better at it than C__, purely by virtue of the fact that I'm louder. And if you don't pay attention to me, you get verbally whaled on.

Heh. Lab hours are fun.

Right, C__ is done doing the minor teaching stuff up on the board, so I shall go back to circulating the room. Good night sweet readers! (I'll be back in an hour)

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